During winter I always feel like watching tons of movies and series. More than during summer, because in the summertime you must go out, ain’t nobody got time for movies.
However, that is not a good thing, because I should be studying for my exams instead of starting to watch a new series. (Here, in Belgium, students at university have to study during Christmas and New Year’s because we have exams in January. I know right!?) Every year it is like that, and maybe someday I will regret that.

But for now I am really enjoying Vikings. I watched already 1 season and a half, while the Blok (horrible times for a university student) has only started this Monday.

It is a Canadian series about, guess what, vikings. Ragnar Lothbrok is a farmer, but still ambitious. Since we are in the medieval times, things were hard for ambitious men. I got nothing else to say because I don’t want to spoil anything. But it is just awesome. At first I didn’t know what to think of it, but after some episodes I was hooked.

At a certain point, Ragnar meets a christian priest. It is just wonderful how they at first doubt each other, but at the same time doubt their own gods. I recommend this series, because it is not only about sex and fighting, but also about different cultures and strange habits.

And if you have started to watch and you are having a hard time with the broken English (don’t ask me why they do that), stuck with it, it’s worth it.

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Gift Guide 2014

So I am not going to lie: I love receiving presents. I won’t be one of those persons who like to make others believe that they don’t care about the presents at all. That is just bullshit, because if nobody cared for receiving presents, then what the hell are we doing all these years. So let us be honest: we love presents.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t like giving presents! No that is all part of the festivities. We might like it as much as receiving.

So let me give you some ideas when you’re in a giver’s block.

A book

I think you can never go wrong with a good book. Is the receiver a real fashionista? Does he always run around with a camera. She never leaves the house without her music player? These days there are so many beautiful books about music, photography or fashion. Is your subject somewhat older? A book about arts, maybe? Because nobody hates visually appealing pictures. And those books look good on any bookshelf.

Little things

Every shop has those gift baskets. Why don’t do it yourself?
For a girl you could put some Christmas socks, together with a CD, nail polish, sweets or tea in a mug. You really can’t go wrong with a gift basket. The possibilities are as high as the sky! You could make a spa version. One with the theme of your country (for Belgium it would contain beer, chocolate, Cuberdons, mustard, etc.). | |


Be creative. Hand-made puppets are always cute. Make it personal, is your friend a great fan of Superman? Make a Superman puppet. Does she like a certain country very much? Make sure your puppet wears the traditional clothing from that country. |

Not sure about making puppets? Maybe you can portray that person. Take beautiful pictures of the things they like. The sky is the limit.

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Black Rain

Black Rain is a movie directed by Ridley Scott. It is about two police officers Nick (Michael Douglas) and Charlie (Andy Garcia), they get involved in a case about the Yakuza. So they go to Japan, but communication doesn’t go as smooth. Not because of the language, but because of differences in culture. This movie is worth watching, not like many others does it view the Japanese culture from one point of view, but it tries to understand too. Never have I seen an American movie about Japan that I didn’t felt annoyed by. But I must say it: Black Rain is pretty close.

I can understand, that one going to Japan can get really annoyed by certain things. Really when that person is there for work. For example: you can’t complain to your boss directly, there is a hierarchy in companies and that has to be respected. Whether this is a good thing or not is not the case here, but the makers of the movie have understood well. Nick thinks he is sabotaged by the Japanese police, but really, if the boss says you can’t, then you won’t.

As half-Japanese it was very fun to watch this movie. They almost never put subtitles when the Japanese were speaking (in Japanese). Which showed the feeling of a lost American/European/Anyone Not Japanese very well. But also, if you can understand Japanese there are some funny accents. Like when Nick is complaining about the Japanese customs and they are at the same time complaining about how much of a typical barbaric gaijin he is.

But then at the end, Nick (maybe) realizes the ‘Japs’ aren’t that horrible. The movie ends with absolutely gorgeous music by Hans Zimmer. It really gives away that overwhelming feeling one gets in Japan. Even I, after so many years, feel overwhelmed every time.

I haven’t talked about the setting yet: Osaka! My family lives in Osaka, so I do know some places. A lot of scenes are filmed around the pick-up bridge, it’s one of the bigger shopping areas. Since this was filmed in the 80’s, there has been some changes of course, but I could still recognize some places and I was going crazy.

I recommend this one.

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The shoes of my life

I have been on the hunt for comfortable shoes, adding a little bit of height to my length. And the struggle is real.

I live in Ghent. Let me explain the situation with some pictures: |

Starting to grasp the situation? Those streets are really the worst to me. I am that kind of person who could trip over absolutely nothing. I know, it’s a gift. But I don’t want to look down all the time, just because of some shoes on my feet, but I still want to wear heels every now and then.

So then there is the actual hunt. I always underestimate the height of those heels, because in the shop, the ground is smooth and there are no obstacles and you aren’t in a hurry.

But these beauties will hopefully change my life. The heel itself is only 6,5 cm, since there is a platform and the sole looks very sturdy and non-slippery.

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Favorite of the year

One month and 2014 will be over and done. Nothing will change, except for us writing 2015 on every somewhat important paper, but that change only comes at the end of January for some of us, who finally got used to writing 2014.

However, nothing changes, and still we reflect on the past year. Like there is some biological clock in our body telling us to reflect and to feel somewhat melancholic about the past year.

So time to write about that one piece of clothing I have been living in. Normally speaking I don’t do ‘living in’, because I like variation in my life.

But these shoes by Reebok have changed my mind.

Reebok - Princess Black J95361

I actually just bought them for work, because I needed all black shoes and my previous ones were falling apart. My feet hurt at the end of the day and that is just not healthy. So I picked up these Princess by Reebok. They looked decent to me and they weren’t too expensive either.

Did I know they would become this important to me. I wear them every day and I try to switch up, but when I have tried on all my boots, I just feel like my outfit isn’t complete without my Reeboks. That is because I see comfort as very important and they just look so effortless and cool …

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Holiday Dresses

Let’s be honest, girls. One of the most exciting things about the holiday season is the fact that we can wear our pretty dresses. Forget the food and the friends.

Just kidding, I love food and friends and parties! But I love to dress up for those parties as well. Even if it is just a sleeping over, I will be pulling out a dress. Because the rest of the winter I live in jeans, but I cannot not buy dresses only appropriate for winter. So let’s see what’s on my wishlist:

Starting with the classic of all the classics: the little black dress. I need a velvet or a faux leather one to rock this winter.

So UNIQLO came to Belgium! I can’t skip their comfortable sweater dresses, right?


And the next one is just to die for. It is pretty, bad-ass and red! Anyone buying a present for me?

30 gorgeous party dresses all under-$100

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The Orb We Absorb

How long have I been eyeing on a concert of Wallace Vanborn? Quite a time and every time I saw them listed somewhere, there was something keeping me from going. Like being a waitress at a restaurant.

When I saw they decided on a Sunday to introduce their new album at Handelsbeurs, Gent, I just had to go.

So I went and I loved it.

Once again the songs were absolutely on point. I won’t describe their sound or genre because describing music always feels wrong, since music is a case personal taste and it gives off different feelings on different people. And also I cannot describe music just like some people cannot describe scents.

Let me just tell you: Wallace Vanborn is a Belgian band (which you can hear somehow I feel), most people would describe them as a rock band with a touch of darkness. If I failed at persuading you to listen to them, this is the cover:

If this awesome cover didn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

So open new tab: Wallace Vanborn.

Thank me later

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