Feeling Bohemian on the Beach

Even I get romantic on the beach. It is just one of these places where you ought to feel in a certain way. On a mountain peak you should feel invincible. Together with the endless roadway you get the endless stream of thoughts and in little jazzy cafes inspiration is all you ever knew. It is in the same way you have this inexplicable romantic feeling on the beach.


5 packing tips when travelling by plane

Roll up your clothing

Some say you avoid wrinkling that way, but I can’t assure that because I don’t really care. But you should use this technique because it saves space in your suitcase and you can see everything in one blink of an eye.
Delicate things – like bras – should be on top of all and heavy sturdy things – like jeans – should be on the bottom.


Pack things with more than one purpose

My clothes, as you can see, are all pretty plain. There are also quite some shirts and cardigans, because whatever weather you will be facing, these will come in handy. Also for products I have more purposes: aftersun is at the same time body lotion, protective hair spray and sunscreen  also act as a kind of perfume, etc.


Sunscreen comes in handy at almost any trip, even in colder regions, you might need it because even if it is overcast, UV can still come through and before you know you will be tanned or for those with bad luck sunburnt.
Also I like to seal my bottles with tape or in case of a spray I try to block the handle with a piece of paper, like in the picture.


Keep cameras and phones in your cabin luggage, you really don’t want to raise questions at the customs. Also chargers should be close to you, because you’ll never know how long you will be on your way to your destination, your plain could be delayed, there’s waiting hours you should take into account etc.

Don’t overpack

This one might be quite obvious, but it is amazing how fast you lose track of your packing plan. But really, you probably won’t need that much and if you do, there sure will be an occasion to buy it somewhere somehow. Talking about buying, whatever you promised yourself, you will probably splurge on some things and end up coming back with some additional kilos in your luggage. You will regret the fact that you’ve packed too much when you see how much it costs you for every 100 grams you have packed too much.

Cabin luggage

Don’t underestimate cabin luggage, you will be surprised how much (useless) extra things you could bring with you. Use a bag that will come in handy for any occasion. Quite obvious, but I have made the mistake of bringing several bags and then just not using them. 3 things you want to bring with you: a little towel – because you don’t want to walk around waving your hands in order to dry them -, tissues (duh) and a pen (double duh).

We are ready!

Tuesday was very stressful. Not because of my exam, but because of Belgium’s first match at the World Cup in Brazil. Of course I had to add a hint of red to my outfit to support the Red Devils. After taking too long to dress, I left in these clothes.


On the streets I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who decided to dress in red. We Belgians aren’t the most country-proud people in the world, but that day was a hell of a patriotic day.


Summer feels



It was hot this week. So I put on some black lacy shorts and a striped tank. The chambray was for making me look decent in the morning, because you don’t go walking around in just shorts and a tank at 8 o’clock, at least not in countries like Belgium. These sandals are my go to summer shoes, that is because they are the only summer shoes I have.
My favorite red earrings came in handy to add a pop of colour. Finally I put on some wristbands/bracelets, because I want to see how much I tanned. Smart right?





Loose skirty waistbands

There is this denim skirt, which I bought in Japan. It is adorable and I was searching for a denim skater skirt for a while. Just when I gave up, I found one in Japan. It was also really cheap and it is just what I need. Yes, it is an awesome country.

So when I found exactly what I wanted, I walked-danced to the changing rooms, tried it on and realized it didn’t fit. Devastating. Well, I bought it anyway.

Since the weather wasn’t calling for bare legs, I just let it be. Tights and sweaters already did the thing. But now the sun is coming out and I just really want to wear this skirt all summer (I know that it is more of a everything-except-for-summer-skirt, but what do I care).

So I adjusted the waistband. It was easy and normally you should own most things (ask you mother).

1. Make buttonholes on both sides of your skirt.


2. Sew a button on the outside of one buttonhole. Cut a hole (cut three, so you can change the size later on) in an elastic band/thread and fasten it on the button. On the other edge of the elastic band you want to secure it with a safety pin to pull it through the waistband of the skirt and through the other buttonhole.


3. Cut of the excess elastic, you might want to try it on before cutting. Then you’ll sew the edge of the elastic on the outside of your buttonhole.



Oh, you might as well make sure you’re sewing on the inside of the skirt of course and pay attention not to sew the outer part of the waistband as well.



The time has come, tonight is the first game of the World Cup in Brazil. Perfect timing, because I have to study for Spanish!

I know they speak Portuguese in Brazil, don’t worry. I just don’t like the theme song this year. The beginning is very promising, but as soon as Pitbull starts singing, I can’t make myself like it. How much I’d want to, because you have to get ready for the game, there must be a song to get you in the mood, right?

So I will just skip We are One and like the song is still the one of Shakira. She is awesome and so beautiful, I mean if I could move my body like she can, oh I wouldn’t stop moving, ever. But this doesn’t matter, we are talking about music. So, the song, oh yes, that is just the right song to get in the mood for an evening of soccer.

There is another advantage listening to this song, it is my way to study for Spanish. Yes there’s only a few Spanish sentences, but it is all I need. You don’t need anything more than a Latino feeling on our test Spanish afterall.

With this said, I wish Dries Mertens, Kevin De Bruyne, Axel Witsel and the whole Belgian team good luck. I hope both Belgium and Japan will win a lot of games.

Well, a lot of games, I hope they will win all obviously. If they end up both in the final. That is almost impossible (if not impossible) so I don’t have to worry (yet) about deciding who should win.

Though Dries Mertens deserves to win this.


Oh wait!