Winter Essentials

Lately there have been tons of videos on YouTube on this topic. Of course I watched a decent amount of them, because I cannot look my best and survive Belgian winters at the same time. Sadly enough, those videos got me disappointed, because all those fashionistas seem to live in regions where they go from fall to spring.

Just ‘a jumper’ or ‘knee-high socks’ won’t do it for me, so I’ll show you how I get through winter. I have warned you: this won’t be a fancy fashionable post, it is all about keeping warm.

So I always stock up on knee-high socks and tights, not to show of my freezing legs. I wear them underneath my jeans… Since nobody ever sees them, I tend to buy cute colorful ones. My own collection covers tartan, flower-prints and football socks. See? Nothing fancy.

socksknee. com | |

So the next layer on my feet: socks. But thicker and prettier, so I can wear them over my jeans, peeping out of my boots. |

Why so much socks? Because when your feet are cold, you are cold and if we can prevent it by wearing just an extra pair or two, why wouldn’t we?

So lately I have learnt that the same goes for your head. Apparently, a lot of warmth leaves your body through your head. Or something like that … So I bought myself a beanie! In the men’s section, because my head is too big for a girl’s according to H&M.

Last but not least: shirts. They are great for layering and you don’t have to be a genius at layering to pull off the shirt-sweater look. Plus they cover a big part of your neck. Don’t you hate it when there is like a gap between your scarf and your sweater and the wind just goes right to your neck? Or am I the only one with that awkward scarf-sweater-gap? |
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Whole Lotta Rosie

Have I already said how much I look up to Angus Young?

I am a huge fan of him and the fact that he is the star of AC/DC, makes me a little bit of a fan of AC/DC. Well, a little bit … I might not know all their songs, but I think I am close.

Now, occasionally friends give me AC/DC stickers (and other useless things only useless fans like me keep) or they send me links to the weirdest interviews. However, yesterday someone sent me a a link to reddit, where Angus and Cliff held an AMA. I don’t even know what this is but it looks to me like a bunch of people chatting with Angus and Cliff …

So surreal, I didn’t believe it, but my friend assured me that without any proof, those comments get deleted. So apparently I read real conversations with Angus and Cliff and I could have joined too!

I am blabbering. My point is: those guys are seriously funny, I couldn’t stop grinning at my laptop. Maybe because I couldn’t stop imagining Angus typing random jokes in his schoolboy outfit. I wish I was born a few years earlier, so I could have seen their lives in real life and not on YouTube, having a crush on a guitarist 40 years older than me. Oh well.

The live version of Whole Lotta Rosie was the first song I added on my Ipod.

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Haters gonna hate

I don’t know about your surroundings, but my fellow peers are usually not a fan of leather trousers / leggings / disco pants / whatever you call it. The fact that there seem to be few people who are able to pull off those shiny trousers in Ghent is maybe one of those reasons.

I’ve always been a hater when it came to (p)leather trousers.

I’ve been

Because I have crossed over to the dark side. That is because I have learned that leather trousers don’t have to be all-revealing. With other words: there are real leather trousers out there, not like those leggings everyone hates!

Ever since I have tried on a pair that doesn’t reveal every single shape in your body I fell in love with it. And the love isn’t less stronger, just because I have tried them on yesterday. It is real love, I need them in my life.

Apparently leather trousers don’t have to be necessarily super shiny. I love this more subtle one from

They spice up any outfit. Like this model, she looks so freakin’ cool and it is so effortless at the same time. I think I could pull this look off at uni.

Don’t you love the look of leather and sweater???

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The Perfect Cape


Cape by


Cape by

It was love at first sight. I said to my friend ‘I think I need this’.

After caressing the hood for too long, I decided to try it on. And yes it was perfect. Staring at myself in the mirror, I imagined hopping in the streets with this cape.

It didn’t only make me feel like Green Riding Hood, there were also a lot of advantages in this beautiful cape.

Since it is a cape, your don’t have to match your outfit with your outerwear. Not an issue? For me it is, since I always wear my jackets and coats open. Buttons and zips are totally useless for me. The pattern is also really cool, but at the same time sober, so you’ll have a lot of occasions to wear this.

Then there is the hood. A roomy comfortable hood is almost not existing in fashion for women. Plus: the faux fur inside the hood is green. Have you ever seen something as cool as green faux fur? I think not. Because of the green faux fur the hood is also thick and heavy which makes it stay in place and it keeps you warm.

The only minus in this cape is the price. Well 100 euros for such a nice quality coat isn’t probably much, but I like to have a lot of outerwear so I can switch my coat like everyday in winter. However, the more I think about it, the more I want to go back and buy it anyways. The struggle …

I did search for other options but I must say I didn’t find one that matches the one of Zara.

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Feeling Good

I don’t know how you feel, Nina.

Although the lyrics are pretty clear, the whole song intrigues me. The instruments sound rather heavy than ‘happy’. But that makes it all the more better.

It reminds me of the feeling I get when I am walking in the streets of Ghent, either early in the morning or late in the evening. When it is a bit chilly but in a nice way. When you feel perfectly fine on your own and you keep going around the block because you just enjoy your lonely walk. At those moments I feel like the coolest girl in the world.

And which girl doesn’t feel good at the thought of being the coolest girl in the world?

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Feeling Eau So Fresh

I am usually not the kind of person who spends lots and lots of money on anything related to beauty or clothing. You could say I am a cheap skate on this topic. But sometimes you can treat yourself right?

I’ve been eyeing anything Daisy by Marc Jacobs for a long time. Daisy Dream and Daisy (Eau So Fresh) were my favourites. Daisy won the game and now it is standing proudly on my nightstand.

And can we just appreciate the packaging? How beautiful is that? No wonder it is so expensive, only the packaging itself feels already so luxurious.

How do I decide on a perfume? I overthink and overthink and overthink those things because I don’t want to spend too much money and regret it later on (obviously).
So when I am at an airport I spray on the perfume I am interested in. Let me tell you, ALWAYS try it on your own skin because the scent of the perfume mixes with your scent and sometimes it smells heavenly but sometimes you get the weirdest outcome. Last time I tried a new perfume and it didn’t go with my ‘natural’ smell at all, I smelled like incense. Really, I was like a walking temple.
So why on the airport?
First of  all I hate airplane scents, I hate it how you can just smell that there are many people surrounding you for more than 9 hours. I hate the smell of the food. You get it, I hate it. So I need something for my nose to relax. What is better than a good perfume?
Secondly, if your perfume survives those stinky hours on the plane, it will be able to survive lots of other circumstances, right?

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My Camera

As I mentioned before, my own computer broke down. It’s been 3 weeks already and I start to notice the cons of it. At first I thought I could manage, I made a backup of all my pictures, music, etc on a hard disk. Yes I was well-prepared. Until now that was all I really needed.

But then I wanted to write a new post on my blog. I took the pictures and wanted to use them immediately. There was only one thing holding me back: my camera programs aren’t on this computer. I don’t want to install them either because it is not my computer, obviously.

While I was, defeated, looking around my room, my camera caught my attention. Yes, why not writing about you, mate?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a professional (you’ll know when you have seen my past pictures). But I think that makes it even more interesting for other beginners, doesn’t it?

Why? As someone who is interested in all kinds of visual arts, I always wanted to have my own camera to fool around with. Since I didn’t have the money to buy one, I used my parents’ camera. Which is a canon, IXY 910 is (or Powershot SD870 is). It is an older version of course but I think cameras in this series are pretty good anyways. If you are looking for a compact camera, you should look into this one also.

Canon PowerShot SD870 IS (IXUS 860 IS, IXY 910 IS)

Soon this camera came short in my needs and I started to look for a DSLR.

Photo 2: EOS Kiss X7

I found the perfect one for me: Canon kiss x7.

Where? Bic Camera, Japan.

Why? Although I really wanted to have a DSLR. I knew that a huge one wouldn’t motivate me to keep going with photography. All the recommendations I got from other people vanished when I saw this one. It is said to be the smallest DSLR of the world. Whether it I true or not, I liked the fact that it was so small. It is perfect for me, because you don’t need much space in your bag and it fits in my hand perfectly. It is ideal to take it with you for travelling. It wasn’t too expensive either so that was a great plus.

The touchscreen isn’t really that important, but I think it is a great way to get to know your camera. You can choose the exact spot of focus for example. Which others can probably too, but if you are a beginner, you won’t know how to anyway.

Lens? I just bought the kit lens (18-55mm). Just like the camera itself it is great to learn photographing, but it has its limits of course. I think it is better for macro than for landscape pictures or details far away … Yeah, I know, sounds very professional of me!

Accessories? I bought a camera wrap (by Hakuba). It is the best, because it barely takes in more place in your bag. Unless you like to throw your bag around, because it doesn’t protect as much as the usual camera bag.


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