OOTD — Food and Drinks

Due to the bad weather, my friend had to cancel his annual barbeque. It didn’t keep him from throwing a party though. He decided to take us out for dinner. And that is how I could choose anything from a menu of an Italian restaurant, just for free!

There was just one obstacle: the outfit. How was I going to dress nice, without being too dressed up, but still spill-safe?Because honestly when you’re around friends, you never know what nasty plans will come into their minds.


Conclusion? When in doubt, just wear heels.

Loving the Drama

I have to confess something: I watch Gossip Girl. There’s even more: I like the series.

Now you might be wondering why this is a confession and not just a mere announcement. Well, people who know me are surprised when they learn I watch Gossip Girl (not that many will ever learn that). Actually, I could include myself to the surprised reactions. You wouldn’t just guess I am into these series. And really, I am not, I like series like Breaking Bad, Misfits and The Bridge. Sometimes when I want to laugh: New Girl, Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother, but I’d never guess I’d like Gossip Girl.

Let me get to the point: why do I happen to like Gossip Girl?

The clothes. Yep, I have watched all 5 seasons, mainly for the clothes. Call me a freak.

But hey, I mean, take the outfits of Serena for example. There’s a lot of mix and matching going on that I would never ever think of. I never dare to mix colours with colours or patterns with patterns, I don’t want to realize in the middle of the day that my top clashes with my skirt. Because when that happens I don’t feel comfortable anymore and there goes my confidence.

But Blair Waldorf is my favorite. She is the coolest, the prettiest and she and Chuck Bass … Hmm normally I wouldn’t fuss about a television couple, but I’d make an exception for them. Can’t even tell why.

Do I need to say more? Well I could show an endless lists of pictures, but I could also just watch another episode of Gossip Girl …

OOTD @wedding

Attending a wedding is a first for me. Though I am thrilled to go to a real wedding party, I had a hard time finding out what to wear. To be honest,  I have never spent this much time thinking of an outfit. First of all it isn’t a “regular western” wedding, the soon to be newlyweds are from Afghanistan. In that case, is white still not done? Can I wear short dresses? Must I really dress up? “Of course, you don’t want to offend the hosts, right?”, answered the search results on Google.

And then there was the colour:
1. the bride is wearing green.
2. my friend assured me that red wasn’t the right colour on a wedding. Well he is probably right.
3. Black is apparently also not done at weddings.

Well next to white are these the three colours I like the most for dresses… Feel the struggle?

Luckily I found this cheap blazer last week at the thrift shop. Well, I don’t know what to expect, but I think my outfit is dressed up enough, but not too much.



What would you wear on a wedding party? Let me know!



Highland Cattle not found

Impressive landscapes with sheep everywhere. Narrow roads, the nightmare of every left-hand driver and the dream of every motorcyclist. Lochs and tiny monsters. Yes, I’m talking about the Scottish Highlands, the only place I can still appreciate when it’s raining.

First of all, I’d like to talk about the Lochs. They are impressive. There’s not only the amount of them, the nature they bring with them is breathtaking. No way there would be a monster living there and if there is one, it’s a nice monster. His attitude must had changed by the view anyway. And I haven’t said anything about the picture yet. Nessie seems way too cute to be a monster, if you ask me.

Another animal I have searched for, but have not found: the Highland cow. I don’t have to explain why right? Those long bangs covering their eyes make them look cute and cool at the same time. This trip doesn’t seem complete without having seen those. I should probably go back once, or I’ll regret it forever.

Did spot some sheep:

IMG_1566  IMG_1553



Almost a month ago I went to Scotland. Quite late to write about? I don’t think so, when I just came back I had too much to write about. Now my brain has naturally divided the important from the not so much important. So clever, I know.

However, the first 2 nights I’ve spent in Glasgow. It is a nice city, but I wouldn’t want to live there, seems a tad bit too boring to me. Although their city might not be my taste, Glaswegians do know how to make musea interesting. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery, for example, wasn’t only situated in a beautiful building, the paintings were also categorized in certain themes. That created odd groups of paintings, but that’s how I like it: odd!

The Hunterian Art Gallery made me love Mackintosh’ style. Yes you do know him, you just don’t know it yet. His designs are pretty well known, at least you have seen his font somewhere, you must have. If you haven’t, here it is:

When you’re in Glasgow, do visit the Glasgow School of Arts. Unfortunately, there was a fire just before I went there, so it wasn’t accessible for public, but the outside is quite interesting too. The numerous details were all worth going there. And since you’re already there, you should drop by the school shop. Buy something nice for yourself and get some good karma by supporting the students. You’ve just killed 2 birds with one stone like a boss.

Ceci n’est pas une lampe
Chandelier, Kelvingrove Art Gallery
Chandelier, Kelvingrove Art Gallery


Don’t you love museum shops?

Mugs with Van Gogh florals. Refrigerators with fancy magnets. Pencils carrying famous quotes. And too much notebooks lingering somewhere in the house, but there is once again another one (“made by” Mackintosh) catching your eye.

Yes, I love museum shops. I love useless, but yet useful, things like written above. What is more, I’d like to open a shop like that. Only would I make those postcards, notebooks and all that fun myself. Because I like that too, so why not combine those?

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