Checkered dress: check!

Schots geruite jurk

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I have always had a love for straight dresses. They give you an effortless chique look. Why haven’t I got one already? Because my love for them was so big that I ought them to be worn only by fashionistas. But since I have graduated high school, I forgot how to dress like the crowd.

So this dress screamed at me from the other side of the store. Like literally, I saw the print and I have to say, when it comes to checkered prints, I am really hard to convince. If there is one colour that doesn’t appeal to me, I won’t buy it. But this colour scheme, oh it is so perfect. So I was standing at the other side of the store when I saw the colours and the closer I came, the more exciting I got. Not only were the colours perfect to my taste, also the shape of the dress was very much to my likings. Because of the neutral fit it looks good on everybody (or so I believe).

However since this is a dress and fall is approaching, I had to think of some outfits to ‘transition’ this piece smoothly into the new season. I even got so excited that I came up with an outfit for winter.

page1. Because it is plaid, it reminded me of schoolgirls. I didn’t have to wear a uniform, but if I had to I’d probably wear sports shoes with it. You know, to extentuate the comfort of a uniform …

2. Why wear a dress as a dress? I paired it with highwaisted jeans because it is easier to hide the excess fabric of the dress. The belt tailors my waist again. I added the heels and the cardigan because it gave off a grungy feeling, if you ask me.

3. You have to prepare for winter, since you can’t ever be prepared enough. So of course you have to add a jacket. Boots are a must. Warm winter socks peeping out of them are optional but I love my winter socks. If you are wondering what that black thing on my dress is: those are panties, I just couldn’t find a proper way to exhibit them.

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DIY — Kimono

So summer is over and the first thing I want to have is a kimono. I don’t have to explain why that is a bad thing right? Well maybe I do when you live in a warmer country than I do. I don’t know about where you live, but in Belgium fall is fall. It gets colder and before you know it is already winter. A kimono is the last thing I need at this time.KimonoDIY

So first of all, can we just ignore my amazing sense of photoshopping? I needed a tablet (for drawing). It’s been 3 years since my mom bought me one an I’m still not used to it. Every time I pick up that stylus I already miss the feeling of a real pencil. Now, enough searching for excuses: let’s start!

1. Fold the fabric in half. If your fabric has a back and a front, you’ll want to turn the side intend to be the outer side to the inside.

2. Decide how big you want your armholes and mark the end. Sew the edges as marked on the picture (___) until you reach the beginning of your armhole.

3 Turn your kimono inside out if you want (I didn’t because I want the fringes to show). Cut the front layer of your kimono and hem it.


So here is the finished product! I like the hem which is less see through, which reminds me of a blazer. The stripes give of a sporty vibe (you know, Adidas) so I styled this kimono in a rather sporty look.


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DIY — sleeveless shirt



So there’s this thrift shop, where they have these huge sales every month. Of course, every month I have to make sure I’m not missing out on a beautiful almost unique piece of clothing. Maybe I’m addicted to thrifting, but at least it’s a healthy addiction.

So one month I saw this shirt with long puffy sleeves, lace details on the chest … You know what they say: love makes you blind. In this case I was so blind I didn’t even notice the sleeves. Once again, the impulsive me appeared and defeated the smart thoughtful me. Luckily, the consequences weren’t disastrous: I spent 1 euro on a weird smelling shirt. The smell faded after 3 washes, but nothing could be done with the fit. The sleeves were just not doing it for me. They reminded me of those puffy sleeves that medieval men wore together with their tight pants.

So I cut off the sleeves. Obviously.



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Faux Fury

Why must I fall in love with the most difficult clothing piece a woman could possibly own in her closet? It is not only controversial – you know it is, however fake it is, in most people’s minds a beautiful rabbit will pop up – it is so hard to wear it every day. I’m that kind of person who could spend a lot of money on clothes as long as I’m sure I’ll wear the crap out of them. In case you’re still lost, I’m talking about this faux fur coat.

Image 7 of FAUX FUR COAT from Zara

Faux fur coat from Zara

I mean — Come on look at this beauty! To be honest, I don’t care about the controversial part, as long as I know that it’s fake. I just can’t stand spending 100 euros on a coat I’ll wear maybe twice a year (not counting the times I’ll parade with it at home). 

Coat with faux fur details from Bershka

This was my next love, soon to be heartbroken. Unlike the Zara one, it is possible to wear this one all winter long. But it doesn’t feel as luxurious and it shreds a lot. I was wearing a black tee and when I had tried the coat on, it was like I had a white cat sitting on my lap for hours. 

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OOTD — Food and Drinks

Due to the bad weather, my friend had to cancel his annual barbeque. It didn’t keep him from throwing a party though. He decided to take us out for dinner. And that is how I could choose anything from a menu of an Italian restaurant, just for free!

There was just one obstacle: the outfit. How was I going to dress nice, without being too dressed up, but still spill-safe?Because honestly when you’re around friends, you never know what nasty plans will come into their minds.


Conclusion? When in doubt, just wear heels.

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Loving the Drama

I have to confess something: I watch Gossip Girl. There’s even more: I like the series.

Now you might be wondering why this is a confession and not just a mere announcement. Well, people who know me are surprised when they learn I watch Gossip Girl (not that many will ever learn that). Actually, I could include myself to the surprised reactions. You wouldn’t just guess I am into these series. And really, I am not, I like series like Breaking Bad, Misfits and The Bridge. Sometimes when I want to laugh: New Girl, Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother, but I’d never guess I’d like Gossip Girl.

Let me get to the point: why do I happen to like Gossip Girl?

The clothes. Yep, I have watched all 5 seasons, mainly for the clothes. Call me a freak.

But hey, I mean, take the outfits of Serena for example. There’s a lot of mix and matching going on that I would never ever think of. I never dare to mix colours with colours or patterns with patterns, I don’t want to realize in the middle of the day that my top clashes with my skirt. Because when that happens I don’t feel comfortable anymore and there goes my confidence.

But Blair Waldorf is my favorite. She is the coolest, the prettiest and she and Chuck Bass … Hmm normally I wouldn’t fuss about a television couple, but I’d make an exception for them. Can’t even tell why.

Do I need to say more? Well I could show an endless lists of pictures, but I could also just watch another episode of Gossip Girl …

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OOTD @wedding

Attending a wedding is a first for me. Though I am thrilled to go to a real wedding party, I had a hard time finding out what to wear. To be honest,  I have never spent this much time thinking of an outfit. First of all it isn’t a “regular western” wedding, the soon to be newlyweds are from Afghanistan. In that case, is white still not done? Can I wear short dresses? Must I really dress up? “Of course, you don’t want to offend the hosts, right?”, answered the search results on Google.

And then there was the colour:
1. the bride is wearing green.
2. my friend assured me that red wasn’t the right colour on a wedding. Well he is probably right.
3. Black is apparently also not done at weddings.

Well next to white are these the three colours I like the most for dresses… Feel the struggle?

Luckily I found this cheap blazer last week at the thrift shop. Well, I don’t know what to expect, but I think my outfit is dressed up enough, but not too much.



What would you wear on a wedding party? Let me know!



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