I cut my hair last week!

The ends barely touch my shoulders right now, which means I cut off almost 30 cm. In one go! Which means it was pretty scary since I haven’t had short hair since I was a baby.

Most frequently asked question: why?
Because I wanted to donate my hair. Since I know someone who suffered from hair loss and it opened my eyes. Hair is something we all take for granted. “I wouldn’t know what to do if I’d lose my hair”, that is what you were thinking right? Well, you really wouldn’t know what to do.

First of all there is the struggle with confidence. She didn’t  feel like going out, she doubted her surroundings. On top of that, there are the practical things, the search for a wig, going to the gym, swimming with friends.

Wigs are expensive, since one is not enough. After a while, you’ll have to get a new one, since it wears out. However, when we are talking about synthetic wigs: expensive isn’t always the best option. Look at different places, for example a cosplay shop. I can see you thinking: really cosplay? Well, I am not talking about those blue and pink wigs of course (but if you want to, go ahead). My sister had shiny black hair and the texture of a black cosplay wig just suited her better.

Wigs with natural hair are really expensive, not everyone can afford that. Thus I find the act of donating your hair extremely romantic. After all, my hair will always grow, some people’s won’t.Of course, a wig won’t take away all the problems, but since she found the perfect wig her self-confidence began to grow again.

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Nobunaga Concerto

Let’s talk series again!

I have watched 2 series in January: Game of Thrones and Nobunaga Concerto. If I was writing about my favourite one, the title would be different to begin with. Secondly you would be reading things you probably already knew. Because everyone has seen the series, if not, knows what to expect of it. And it is great. Have you heard? Game of Thrones is great! Newsflash.

So I won’t bore you with yet another post about Game of Thrones. I will bore you with Japanese history. Nobunaga Concerto is a series about samurai. Stereotypical as one could be,  I thought of the series my grandmother always watches. The ones in which serious men chopped other serious men’s heads off with fine swords. A story about loyalty and treason. Preferably a beautiful woman somewhere in the cast.

If you had a glimpse of Nobunaga Concerto, you would see all these aspects. Also, you will see something odd in the picture. A guy in a hoodie. And if you are lucky, you will see him twice on the screen.

Confusing? Not really, Saburo (Oguri Shun) is a high schooler and unfortunately he travels in time. More specifically: he ends up in the Warring States period. Turns out, he looks exactly like the great Nobunaga (also Oguri Shun) who wants to run away from his castle. Before he has figured out what exactly happened, he has swapped places with Nobunaga. Suddenly he has loyal samurais and a pretty, but strict wife. To make things worse, he has to run wars and solve conflicts with protective fathers, angry citizens and so on.

The plot isn’t that spectacular and it is also quite repetitive. The cast on the on the other hand is wonderful and surprising. Fujiki Naohito for example, didn’t like him at all in Last Cinderella (didn’t like the whole series to be honest), but as Hanbei, he was great.

But the best thing about this series is how they referred to actual facts in history. Oda Nobunaga is based on a real person, that is: Oda Nobunaga, a great warrior known for initiating the unification of Japan. This fact is quite obvious, since Saburo wants to have peace in whole Japan, therefore he uses as model the Japan he used to know: Japan of the 21st century. The real historical Oda Nobunaga accepted western influence and was interested in western culture. Through Saburo, the series refers to those aspects of history. When you notice those ambiguities, it becomes even more funny and interesting!

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Skin Care Routine

You know that sentence “I care more about my skin, rather than makeup”? Well, I do (since I am slightly addicted to YouTube) and it makes really confuses me when their holy grail product is a packet of makeup.

That is not how it is supposed to be. Your face needs way more cleansing than a wipe. Well, that is what I believe and I feel pretty confident about my skin care routine. So here it is.

Please note: I don’t have flawless skin, my skin is mainly oily and spots may occur. Finally, this won’t be a list of products, even the most expensive products can turn out the worst for certain people. You’ll need to find out yourself and it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good, just choose wisely.

1. Cleanse. However you choose. I usually go for foam cleanse, especially when I have makeup on. To give you an example: I like Kose Cosmeport Collagen Cleansing Wash. It thoroughly cleanses your face. When I’ve got a lot of time, I will treat myself to a face massage. Don’t forget some oil! Otherwise you’ll only do your skin bad.

2. Exfoliate. This step doesn’t need any explanation, right?

3. Toning. I apply toner with my bare hands. I use this to control the possible upcoming spots etc. Don’t ask me about the science, but it appears to help.

4. Moisturizing. Make sure your toner has sunk into your skin before you go ahead with eye cream and face cream (day cream, night cream, the sky is the limit). There is a rule to which you should apply first. That is: the most watery liquid first, the most creamy last. Because the thicker, the slower it sinks in. At least that is what I heard and I tend to believe that.

Sometimes I throw in a mask or anything supplementary. But I still think: less is more! (but not less in the makeup-wipes-way).

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Tip for studying #1

Read the damn book/syllabus. This is pretty obvious, but there are to many students who don’t even care to read the syllabus during the lesson period – sadly enough, that group of idiots includes me – and they’ll have to start reading two days before the actual exam, when they really should just concentrate on memorizing. Let me just warn you, revising after every lesson will save you a lot of preciousssss time.


But I will get there, my birds told me.

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Results of procrastinating

Just like any student, I tend to procrastinate while studying. What is worst: I like to “catch up” with fashion bloggers and youtubers. The result? I want an outfit for my first exam. just like back to school, right? | | |

I really want that bag though!

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During winter I always feel like watching tons of movies and series. More than during summer, because in the summertime you must go out, ain’t nobody got time for movies.
However, that is not a good thing, because I should be studying for my exams instead of starting to watch a new series. (Here, in Belgium, students at university have to study during Christmas and New Year’s because we have exams in January. I know right!?) Every year it is like that, and maybe someday I will regret that.

But for now I am really enjoying Vikings. I watched already 1 season and a half, while the Blok (horrible times for a university student) has only started this Monday.

It is a Canadian series about, guess what, vikings. Ragnar Lothbrok is a farmer, but still ambitious. Since we are in the medieval times, things were hard for ambitious men. I got nothing else to say because I don’t want to spoil anything. But it is just awesome. At first I didn’t know what to think of it, but after some episodes I was hooked.

At a certain point, Ragnar meets a christian priest. It is just wonderful how they at first doubt each other, but at the same time doubt their own gods. I recommend this series, because it is not only about sex and fighting, but also about different cultures and strange habits.

And if you have started to watch and you are having a hard time with the broken English (don’t ask me why they do that), stuck with it, it’s worth it.

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Gift Guide 2014

So I am not going to lie: I love receiving presents. I won’t be one of those persons who like to make others believe that they don’t care about the presents at all. That is just bullshit, because if nobody cared for receiving presents, then what the hell are we doing all these years. So let us be honest: we love presents.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t like giving presents! No that is all part of the festivities. We might like it as much as receiving.

So let me give you some ideas when you’re in a giver’s block.

A book

I think you can never go wrong with a good book. Is the receiver a real fashionista? Does he always run around with a camera. She never leaves the house without her music player? These days there are so many beautiful books about music, photography or fashion. Is your subject somewhat older? A book about arts, maybe? Because nobody hates visually appealing pictures. And those books look good on any bookshelf.

Little things

Every shop has those gift baskets. Why don’t do it yourself?
For a girl you could put some Christmas socks, together with a CD, nail polish, sweets or tea in a mug. You really can’t go wrong with a gift basket. The possibilities are as high as the sky! You could make a spa version. One with the theme of your country (for Belgium it would contain beer, chocolate, Cuberdons, mustard, etc.). | |


Be creative. Hand-made puppets are always cute. Make it personal, is your friend a great fan of Superman? Make a Superman puppet. Does she like a certain country very much? Make sure your puppet wears the traditional clothing from that country. |

Not sure about making puppets? Maybe you can portray that person. Take beautiful pictures of the things they like. The sky is the limit.

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